Our goodbye message to Netanyahu (AKA Bibi) | BACKFIRE | English

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A hostile response to Benjamin Netanyahu’s videos which are (apparently) aimed at the Iranian people. Bibi and his cohorts are summed up in the noble verse of the Holy Qur’an: \"And when it is said to them \'Do not cause corruption on the earth,\' they say, \"We are but peacemakers!’” (2:11) Globally, people have become aware that those who talk most about ‘peace’ and ‘freedom’ are in fact the very ones creating war and mayhem. Bibi\'s exaggeration of the poverty and unemployment in Iran is a ploy to try and deceive the international community as well as Iranians themselves, but his words evidently backfire when faced with facts. His two-faced politics is typical for a machiavellian criminal, but Bibi manages to somehow turn it up a notch. And when he denies that israel is behind the Iran protests, it calls to mind the popular quote, “Never believe anything until it is officially denied.” But the rabbit hole goes way deeper. Through his hyperbolic behaviour, Bibi has revealed himself for the conspirator that he is. He is among the ringleaders who have plunged the entire world into the chaos we see today. But their time is coming to an end...

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