Discussing 4 issues regarding Palestine | Islamic Pulse Talk Show | English

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This is the first ever Islamic Pulse Talk show hosted by Br. Muzaffer Hyder featuring honourable guests, Sayyid Shahryar and Shaykh Ali. We simply had so many things to share with you this year that we could not keep it limited to a small video and had to open up just a little bit. The four points discussed in this episode are: Why Palestine? Judaism Vs. Zionism The future of Palestine What the viewers can do So in this video, the respected Howza students discuss the significance of Palestine and al-Quds Day. Why was the land of Palestine chosen? Why is it so significant? What is the difference between zionism and Judaism, how do we differentiate? What do we envision as the future of Palestine and israel? And how can you play your role? #OneUmmah #OneHumanity #AlQudsDay2020 #FlyTheFlag #Covid1948 #IPTalkShow #TalkShow #D2i

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