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iliyashali November 22, 2018

GUNCOTTON June 04, 2017
This is a good movie.I like this movie very much.

zege March 18, 2016

pakistan1947 November 01, 2015
Thanks to Shia brothers I had watch this movie in Arabic and I like most.

Najeebkhan July 01, 2015
thanks u so much this movies all team 4 uploading all episodes really its really nice movie may Allah bless u n team of this movie. so beautyfull movie really after see thiv movie anyone going near allah. thanks u so much again

noor-ul-eman June 27, 2015
Thank you for uploading.................its really nice movie

MrNice71 February 07, 2015
I congrats all of you for such a beautiful and informative serial of Prophet Hazrat Yusuf a.s up loaded at your website , I really appreciate your effort. But, I would like to share a very Important thing with you which is, in my opinion worth mentioning here. I\'m religious person and strongly believe in Allah and all the Prophets. your attention towards the real fact i like to divert; that when i saw all of the 45 episode of Yusuf a.s i was much fascinated and much attracted towards Allah never before, but something i felt missing in all of the episodes which stir my mind and reflect darkness prevailed all over my thoughts, then i realized that the missing thing was the name of \'Allah\', the Word Allah, never mentioned in those of your Urdu commentary instead \'Khuda\'; has been mentioned parallel with Pagan god(Khuda). that is, the word khuda were used instead of Allah and for those Pagan gods you also used the word Khuda, then one can feel no distinction btw Allah and Pagan Khuda. for your information the word Khuda is Not mentioned in the Holy Quraan. please, remove that ambiguity and enlighten our soul. one another flaw, you use in Urdu commentary the word Shifa which means \'die\' instead of Shafa most often used. why ?

smashah August 11, 2011
This movie has surely moved the hearts towards piety and humanity. All facts and true events show us the blessings in every way. Very nice effort by Iranians for all humanity.

smashah August 11, 2011 East or is the best.

smashah August 11, 2011
@sethar12. Very good work. has done a pioneering job in delivering pious acts and facts to the general public. All Muslims, Christains, Jews, Buddh, Hindos, etc. etc. are seeing and downloading this movie.

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