Barefooted, But Deadly II | Keepin\' It Real | English

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With all the different current events going on in the world, we all really need a funny, relaxed, refreshing, and yet eye-opening commentary on it all. Sayyid Shahryar\\\'s here to humbly shed a little insight into all that\\\'s going on around the world; past, present, and perhaps even future. In this episode part 2, we\\\'re \\\"Keepin\\\' It Real\\\" by continuing to talk about the brave people of Yemen and how they are \\\"Barefooted, But Deadly II\\\". The barbaric and cruel imposed war on the Yemeni people has been raging on for 7 long years. A Saudi-led coalition, supported by and with a green light from western powers, has embarked upon the total destruction of the already impoverished nation of Yemen. But who all was dumb enough to join the Saudi-led, western sponsored coalition? And who are the western sponsors who are selling billions of dollars in weapons to the Saudi-led, western sponsored coalition? And what is the current humanitarian condition of Yemen that has come about due to the Saudi-led, western sponsored coalition? And please answer for us, why in the world are the brave and courageous people of Yemen \\\"Barefooted, But Deadly\\\"? Hey, we\\\'re just \\\"Keepin\\\' It Real\\\". #KeepinItReal #KIR #IslamicPulse #NewsCommentary #Islam #Allah #Quran #GlobalArrogance #Revolution #AhlulBayt #Yemen #Justice #Satan #Truth #Evil #Freedom #Slavery #Humanity #God #Saudi #UAE #UK #Funny #Laugh #Smile

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