The Muslims Have Forgotten the Jihad of Islam | Shaheed Arif Husayni | Urdu Sub English

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What is the condition today, of Muslims at the international level? And why are the Muslims not united? What was the condition of the Muslims when they were dedicated to the Jihad of Islam and followed the Qur\\\'an? And why did the Muslims bid adieu to Jihad and turn away from martyrdom? What were its unfortunate consequences? Moreover, which is the most oppressed nation in the world today and why? Besides, what would be the situation of Palestine today, had the Arabs stood firm against israel and held on to the Jihad of Islam and the principles of the Qur\\\'an? And finally, what is the solution to the pitiable condition of the Muslim Ummah in the present-day? Shaheed Arif Husayni states the reasons for the decline of the Muslim Ummah, as he explains that \\\"The Muslims Have Forgotten the Jihad of Islam\\\".

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