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Our condolences to all the believers, all across the world, wherever they are, upon the holy months of Muharram and Safar. This year, countless millions across the world once again proudly commemorated the mission of Imam Husayn ibn Ali (A) and most eagerly mourned over the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (A), and his family members and companions who accompanied his eminence into the divine hands of martyrdom as they stood up for Truth and Justice against the overwhelming forces of evil and falsehood. And once again, millions of people from all over the world gathered around the pivot of Imam Husayn (A) on the Day of Arbaeen, commemorating the 40th day after the martyrdom of Imam Husayn (A). Yet, what is the \\\'Project of Towheed\\\'? And what was the project that was ordained upon all the previous Messenger, and up to the Prophet Muhammad (S) and the divinely appointed Imams (A)? How does the Arbaeen of Imam Husayn (A) play a role in this project? What is one of the things that is achieved when we attend the Arbaeen of Imam Husayn (A)? What is the ultimate culmination of the \\\'Project of Towheed\\\'? And what role does the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Republic play in the \\\'Project of Towheed\\\'? And likewise, what role do the righteous scholars such as Imam Khomeini (R) and Imam Khamenei play in the \\\'Project of Towheed\\\'? What is the personality of the righteous religious scholars when they are the true followers of the \\\"Project of Towheed\\\'? What does Imam Khomeini (R) say about the behaviors of Prophet Isa (A) and Prophet Musa (A) as regards to the Taghut of their own times? If the other Prophets (A) of the past or the other Imams (A) had been faced with the situation of Imam Husayn (A), how would have they behaved? And what happens when a person is corrupt or misguided and then tries to \\\'create\\\' knowledge; whether it be scientific, philosophical, or religious? What role does the Islamic Republic and the Islamic Revolution play when it comes to the reappearance of the 12th Imam (A)? And will the actions of the 12th Imam (A) be a mere conglomeration of miracles? How is Wali al-Faqih and the Islamic Republic\\\'s system in accordance with the \\\'Project of Towheed\\\'? And finally, if the Islamic Republic was a person, how would it compare to the other systems of the world? In order to answer these questions and more, we humbly invited Sayyid Agha Ali Raza from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to help explain and answer for us, \\\"What Is Allah\\\'s Universal Project of Towheed?\\\" Salutations be upon Husayn! Salutations be upon Ali ibne Husayn! Salutations be upon the children of Husayn! Salutations be upon the companions of Husayn! #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Islam #Allah #Quran #AhlulBayt #Mohammad #Ali #Fatima #Hasan #Husayn #Muharram #Safar #Ashura #Karbala #Martyrdom #Sacrifice #Shahadat #Martyr #TheAwaitedOne #Mahdi #Imam #Wilayah #Imamate #Truth #Justice #Rghteousness #Freedom #Independence #WhoIsHusayn #Zaynab #Arbaeen #Revolution #IslamicRevolution #IslamicAwakening #Imam Khomeini #Khomeini #ImamKhamenei #Khamenei #WilayatFaqih #Majalis #Majlis #Masaib #Matam #Honor #Falsehood #Evil #Taghut #D2A #D2i #Zionist #Yazeed #Shimr

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