Cartoon Series | Hadi Mehdi aur Fatima | Ep-6 | Sifat e Salbia | صفات سلبیہ | URDU

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Cartoon   Series   Kids   for   Islamic   Hadi   Mehdi   and   Fatima   اردو   urdu   sifaat   sifat   salbia   salbiya   صفات   سلبیہ  

Hadi Mehdi aur Fatima. Episode 6 : Sifat e Salbia . Means Wo sifat jo Allah men nahi pai jati. the continuation of previous episodes of Allah ki Sifat. #SifateSalbia #CartoonSeries #KIdsCartoon #IslamicCartoon #ShiaCartoon #MadariseimamiaPakistan Please subscribe to our channel and Share our videos.

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