Tutorial 03 - Friendship Bracelet - Beginner - The Zig-Zag (flip-flop bracelet) English

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MATERIAL: Six Stranded Embroidery Floss (DMC BRAND) INSTRUCTIONS: You will need 65\" (inches) of string if doubling the strings, 35\" (inches) if you\'re using individual colors. Basically you just need to make a bunch of forward knots from left to right and then when you want to reverse just start making backward knots from right to left. It\'s a very simple bracelet and can be done with as many strings as you want! NOTE: I realized after I had completed this video that the girl who requested it actually asked for the FLIP-FLOP zig-zag pattern- so I need to re-do this and go get the flip-flop done. That\'s not an issue, though. I\'m sure there was someone out there that was wondering how to do the plain zig-zag bracelets so I am going to post the video anyway! So yeah, I\'m off to make the flip-flop version. If that\'s the one you want just click the annotation at the end of the video and it will take you right to the pattern! Thanks for watching!

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