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With all the different current events going on in the world, we all really need a funny, relaxed, refreshing, and yet eye-opening commentary on it all. Sayyid Shahryar\'s here to humbly shed a little insight into all that\'s going on around the world; past, present, and perhaps even future. In this episode of \'Keepin\' It Real\', we\'re going to be talking about \'Oysters, Orchards, Oil, and Some Desert Raiders\', in our part 2 of 2 episode titled \'Oysters, Orchards, Oil, and Some Desert Raiders II\'. [Emphasis on the \"II\"] If you haven\'t checked out the previous episode on Bahrain, titled \'Oysters, Orchards, Oil, and Some Desert Raiders I\', [Emphasis on the \"I\"], then please do so, otherwise some of the issues discussed in this episode might not make much sense to you. What are just a few of the times that the local native Bahraini population of Bahrain rose up against the foreigner imposed al-Khalifa \'Desert Raider\' regime? (hint: more than once) What religious sect do the overwhelming majority of the people of Bahrain adhere to? What did the mass media try to falsely and fraudulently portray the \"Islamic Awakening\" to be? Why do the so-called supporters of democracy, like the United States of America, Great Britain, France, and Germany (just to name a few) attack a democratic republic such as the Islamic Republic of Iran, yet never condemn monarchies such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, the U.A.E., and case in point, Bahrain? What does the foreigner imposed and western subservient regime of the al-Khalifa, do to the local native Bahraini population of Bahrain after the masses of people wanted their basic human rights in the year 2011? And what are just a few of the basic rights and freedoms that were being demanded by the Bahraini people? What was the \'Pearl Roundabout\', why was it famous, and what did the \'Desert Raiders\' al-Khalifa regime do to it? When the \'Desert Raiders\' al-Khalifa regime realized that they could not keep the political pressure of the Bahraini people under control, what did they do, and who did they ask for help? One of the things done by the \'Desert Raiders\' was systematic torture, but do you know what the definition of systematic torture is; if not, it is defined in this episode? And even though we consider certain NGO\'s such as \'Amnesty International\' to be biased, what do they say about the human rights conditions in Bahrain in the year 2021? Who is Ayatollah Shaykh Isa Qasem, who all supports him, and what is a famous quote from his eminence as regards to oppressors and the oppressed? And most finally, what happens when some savage \'Imperialistas\' steal your land, and then give that stolen land to some foreign \'Desert Raiders\'; i.e. what do those foreign \'Desert Raiders\' have to do, to keep that land? (hint: it\'s gonna cost \'em a pretty penny) Hey, we\'re just \"Keepin\' It Real\". #KeepinItReal #KIR #IslamicPulse #NewsCommentary #Islam #Allah #Quran #GlobalArrogance #Revolution #AhlulBayt #Bahrain #HumanRights #IsaQasem #AliSalman #Wefaq #alWefaq #IslamicAwakening #ArabSpring #Attack #Defense #Justice #Satan #Truth #Evil #Freedom #Slavery #Humanity #God #America #USA #West #Britain #UK #Oysters #Oil #Imperialism #Pearls #Desert #Funny #Laugh #Smile

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